Best Wearable Tech Gadgets

Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch

Get the full picture for your day with the Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch. Featuring an incredible five days of battery life, this watch has everything you require. First, the Pace GPSSmartwatch records all the essential metrics of your running. This includes pace, cadence, distance, heart rate, time, and more.

Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence Wearable

Thanks to the Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence Wearable, you can finally measure your boxing punches. This wearable is much more than a sensor. Moreover, it has got the capability to identify a good punch from a bad punch. You just have to wear it on your wrist and let the sensor do the rest.

Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater

Slip away to another land with the Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater. Using an advanced AMOLED display, this device produces a virtual 800-inch curved screen right before your eyes. This display features an HD 1080p resolution with over 3000ppi.

HELIX CUFF Wearable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Helix Cuff is the only wireless Bluetooth headphone set in wearable form. It was designed for the tech connoisseurs, music lovers, and smartphone mavens of the world. The Helix Cuff solves the problem of dealing with tanged and easy to lose headphones by keeping them in a simple, sleek cuff on your wrist.

Fitbit AltaHR Fitness Tracker

Get fit and in shape with the all-new Fitbit AltaHR Fitness Tracker. In addition to recording your workouts, this incredible wearable delivers notifications right to your wrist. Connecting to your device, you’ll never miss another message. Additionally, it sends you alerts when it’s time to get up and get moving.

Dreem Smart Sleep Headband

Understand your body like never before with the Dreem Smart Sleep Headband. This innovative wearable helps you to fall asleep faster and experience a fuller night’s rest. The Dreem Headband and app give you a selection of soothing sounds to help you drift off. In addition, for the active minds, you can use the Words module.

DJI Goggles Racing Edition FPV Drone Headset

Jump into the action and experience the thrill of drone racing with the DJI Goggles Racing Edition FPV Drone Headset. This high-tech headset offers an incredible HD view from your DJI drone. Featuring a brand new metallic look, including a matte black visor, it looks like something from Star Wars.

Spire Health Tag Body & Mind Health Tracker

Use your clothes to track your health with the Spire Health Tag Body & Mind Health Tracker. This wearable attaches directly to your clothing to provide you with all-over metrics. The Health Tag actually tracks your activity as well as your sleep. However, it goes a step further to also help your mental health, too.

Moverio BT-300 Smart AR Glasses

Take yourself to a whole new world with the Moverio BT-300 Smart AR Glasses. Resting gently on your face, this set of glasses is super intelligent. However, they aren’t just out of the box ready. In addition to the plug-and-play design, the Moverio BT-300 Glasses are also the developer’s edition.