CES 2018 day 1 starts with a record-breaking drone light show

Humon Hex Wearable Oxygen Tracker

Worn around your thigh, this device features a built-in oxygen sensor. Through the use of LED lights, Hex emits near-infrared light right into your muscle tissue.

LOOXIDVR All-In-One Mobile VR Headset

LOOXIDVR is a mobile-based headset that received the CES 2018 Most Innovative Virtual Reality Product title. The all-in-one headset comes with eye-tracking cameras and EEG sensors, providing an interface for both your eyes and brain.

Linksys WRT32XB Gaming Router

Designed for consoles such as the Xbox One, this must-have offers reduced lag and accelerated gaming traffic. That is, it can automatically detect when your Xbox One is hooked up.

Tello Small Toy Drone

Aside from being fun to fly, Tello helps you learn about drones through coding education. It can also perform flips in up to eight directions and captures high-quality videos with EZ Shots. You don’t even need any prior experience to fly it.

L’Oreal UV Sense Wearable UV Sensor

Complete with an adhesive backing, this small sensor is extremely powerful. The UV Sense is perfect for placing somewhere like your fingernail. With the replaceable adhesive, you can stick and re-stick as you need. In addition, you can snap it onto your watch or even sunglasses.

Segway Loomo Personal Robot

You can ride Loomo around like a hoverboard and use it to carry your items up to 100 kilograms. Its self-balancing base design offers an enjoyable riding experience. Once you get off, its head spins around and turns into the face of the robot.

Ujet Stylish Foldable Electric Scooter

Featuring an orbital wheel and asymmetrical frame, the Ujet looks as good as it functions. Likewise, you can customize the Ujet to suit your style. Choose between the Curved or Diamond shape, high or low seat, and five colors.

GE Appliances Family Hub Kitchen Tablet

The main screen displays control choices for your smart home gadgets and other smart appliances. For example, you can connect it to a smart camera to see who is at the door. Additionally, it displays video feeds from any connected cameras that use the internet.

Canary View Smart HD Indoor Security Camera

Using embedded AI technology, this smart indoor security camera sends alerts straight to your mobile device. Additionally, Canary View identifies important activity and filters out insignificant motion, so you only receive critical alerts.

JLab Audio Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds allow you to focus on your activity by staying in place. The Epic Sport earbuds come with a 12-hour battery life to keep up with a day full of activities. When they’re running out of power, simply recharge them using the magnetic USB cable.

Onelink Safe & Sound Smart Smoke Alarm

This in-ceiling device is a two-in-one smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that also works as an entertainment system. The intelligent alarm sends alerts to your mobile devices to let you know the location and type of emergency in your home.

Abode iota Smart Home Security System

Featuring a built-in 1080p HD camera, this all-in-one security system allows you to keep an eye on your home. Additionally, it features smart home support for Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, ZigBee, Z-Wave and more.

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

This incredible device sits 9.6 inches away from the wall you want to use for viewing. Using advanced SXRD projection technology, it produces a picture that measures 120 inches across. Hook up any 4K source, and you can enjoy better-than-HD viewing.

New HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Thanks to dual-OLED displays, this impressive device offers an incredible VR experience. With a resolution of 1400 x 1600 pixels per eye at 615 ppi, the new Vive Pro lets you see every detail of your virtual surroundings.

SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Micro Flash Drive

Touted as the world’s smallest 256GB drive, this tiny USB stick barely protrudes from the port. With read speeds of 130MB per second, you can access all your photos, videos and documents at lightning speed.

My Passport Wireless Shock-Resistant SSD

Thanks to the one-touch copy button, this rugged device can copy across media from any SD memory card. It can also import photos and videos from USB card readers, which is useful when you are using an older DSLR.

Sony aibo Intelligent Dog Robot Pet

Although a robot, this dog acts just like man’s best friend. You’ll instantly notice his big and joyful eyes. Likewise, you’ll love his contrasting ears. And, just like an adorable puppy, aibo moves, scratches, and even shakes his head.

Lennvo Miix 630 2-in-1 Hybrid Laptop

This versatile new device is Lenovo’s answer to the Surface Pro, with a touchscreen supported by a kickstand. The 12.3-inch WUXGA+ display is ideal for watching movies and editing photos. Meanwhile, the detachable keyboard makes it easy to type up long reports.

Soundots Stacking Hive Speakers

These innovative speakers stack on top of one another like building blocks. In this position, they connect via a port on the side of each speaker. This allows the Soundots to harmonize and understand how best to split their duties.

Sony HT-Z9F Virtual Surround Soundbar

Complete with 23.1ch Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology, you’ve never experienced audio quite like this before. The Soundbar has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options to connect to all of your devices.

Ensembl Modular Entertainment System

More than just a speaker, this clever system will include a variety of functions to cater to your entertainment needs. It combines a speaker, projector, Qi charger, and more.

JBL Everest Google Assistant Headphones

This range includes three updated versions of the brand’s stylish headsets. The over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear audio systems alll connect to the smart Google Assistant.

Kano DIY Digital Camera Kit

This nifty little box comes with everything you need to actually build your own digital camera. In addition, it comes with a storybook to show you step-by-step instructions to make it easy.

TCL Alto Roku Connect Soundbar

Compatible with any TV, this system works best with the entire TCL Roku TV range. The Alto Soundbar is complete with the Roku Entertainment Assistant built right in. This technology enables you to use your voice to control everything in front of you.

Lenovo Google Assistant Smart Display

This intelligent unit combines the tech of Lenovo, the brains of Google, and the hardware of some great brands. Coming together, the Smart Display gives you full access to anything and everything you need.

Sony MDR-1AM2 Wired Headphones

Sporting an all-new 40mm HD driver, they deliver ultra crisp and clear audio right to your ears. The over-ear headphones actually have improved audio. In fact, they’re compatible with frequencies up to 100kHz.

JBL Link View Google Assistant Display

Vibrant and stunning, this egg-shaped system has a beautiful 8-inch HD display. Perfect for watching videos or viewing recipes, the Link View is easy to navigate. Of course, you can tap into the Google Assistant whenever you need.