The most popular electric vehicles in the world

9. Baojun E-Series

Small city cars are very popular in China. Both the GW ORA R1 and Baojun E-Series, and the Chinese electric car maker Wuling HongGuang Mini EV belong to this class.

Among Europeans, only the Fiat 500e can compete with them, which, however, plays on a different, more premium-oriented field.

Baojun E-Series 200 is a very small car, only two seats, and its body is 2.5 meters long. The electric motor for such a crumb is also small – with a capacity of only 39 “horses”, and the battery will last for 210 kilometers. But this is not bad either, because version 100 was even smaller – 2488 mm long, and was not particularly popular in its native country.

There is also a long-wheelbase version of the car (2625 mm), it has a three-seater cabin, with the only rear seat on the right, and the front passenger seat can be moved forward as much as possible.

Finally, the top-end Baojun E300 Plus boasts a four-seater cabin and a length of 2894 mm. The E300 and E300 Plus have the same electric motor – 54 hp. and 150 Nm. But the traction batteries are different – for 30 kW / h and 31.9 kW / h, respectively.