Best treadmills for indoor running and walking workouts

2. Peloton Tread

The best treadmill for studio workouts

Surface size: 20×67 inches | Max speed: 12.5 mph | Max incline: 15% | Max decline: N/A | Motor: 2 HP | Touchscreen: 32 inches | Workout programs: N/A | On-demand/live workouts: Yes (requires $39 monthly fee)

The premier brand for indoor cycling also makes a high-end treadmill with the big, 32-inch high-res touchscreen that has made Peloton so popular. Of course, it’s not just the screen itself, but the live studio classes it plays. Peloton class teachers have become celebrities in their own right. The Peloton tread is expensive, just like its spin sibling: The basics package starts $4,295.

Peleton has suspended sales and delivery of the Tread right now due to the pandemic, but once you get your hands (or rather, feet) on it, reviews indicate love at first run. Runners World lauds the “stunning, angled frame with thoughtful design and a minimalist appearance. It’s a work of art. Thankfully, it runs just as great as it looks.” The Verge notes, “Where Peloton differs is it’s actually entertaining to watch the instructors run with you.”